When Do You Need Crane Mats?

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Crane mats are a vital part of operating heavy machinery. At Mavrik Solutions, we design and create some of the best construction mats on the market. Whether you are operating an excavator, crane, or other heavy machinery, if you are wondering whether or not you will need construction mats, here are four circumstances under which we would advise you to get a crane mat for your worksite. To get the perfect construction mat for your project, reach out to us today!

Uneven Ground

Uneven ground can make for a lot of difficulty when it comes to driving your heavy machinery around and operating it steadily. If your worksite has a lot of uneven ground, a crane mat can help with work efficiency and accuracy.

Wet Ground

Wet ground can create all sorts of problems for your crew, including getting your equipment stuck and causing all sorts of damage to the site. If you are doing construction in a swamp, in marshlands, or even just during the rainy season, a construction mat can greatly improve your work quality.

The Worksite Needs Protection

Crane mats do a great job of protecting the worksite from damaging tire tracks or other common trails left behind by heavy machinery. If you are working on a project where protection of the property is key, check out all of our crane mat options today to see which one fits your needs.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Without crane mats, heavy machinery may shift around during use or have a hard time operating accurately. If you are doing a job that requires the utmost stability and precision, then a construction mat is what you need to get the job done well.

Crane mats are a simple, yet effective piece of equipment that can help you to work efficiently and safely. If you are working on a site where one of the four conditions above is present, you should probably consider getting a construction mat for your project. To find the perfect mat for your needs, get started with Mavrik Solutions today!