Timber Mats

Timber Mats, commonly referred to as “Crane Mats” or “Digging Mats”, are timbers bolted together and cut in a broad array of sizes. Often times, these mats will be “notched” having an exposed bolt on each end of the mat designed for easier handling. For safety purposes, they also can come “solid” meaning all timbers are of the same length to eliminate a potential tripping hazard. They are most commonly used for Right of Way access and crane use.

Crane Mats

*Other sizes available

The market has been saturated with softer hardwood crane mats. These can get the job done for a little bit less money, but they also do not last as long, costing more money in the long-term. This is where Mavrik Solutions has stepped in to provide a line of solid oak crane mats. The oak species are far more dense than the softer hardwood varieties and therefore decompose at a much slower rate. It is this specific line of mats that we keep sheltered out of the elements to keep the timbers dry. Also, we space them out every two mats to maximize breathability. Lastly, before delivery we tighten all bolts and seal the ends with a treatment to prevent the absorption of water and microbes that eat the mat from within. Due to the quality of the timbers and the care we take, Mavrik Solutions’ solid oak crane mats are the best in the industry.

Digging Mats

*Other sizes available

Digging mats, as the name suggests, are most commonly used on pipeline Right of Ways. Mavrik offers two cost effective solutions:

Solid Oak Digging Mats
Oak is not a bottomless bucket. This is a significant reason as to why the vast majority of available mats on the market are constructed from the softer hardwood varieties. The problem with the softer hardwoods is that they are not near as dense as the true hardwood, oak. As the industry knows, the denser the wood the longer its lifespan, because the density makes the wood more resistant to absorbing water and microbes that decompose the mat. For this reason, Mavrik Solutions is proud to provide our industry with solid oak digging mats which help limit for our customers disposal fees, replacement costs, and the freight charges they incur.

Mixed Hardwood Rebuilds
In our effort to improve upon what is already in our industry, Mavrik Solutions salvages discarded mats and rebuilds them to make them better. The prime benefit to these mats is that the timbers are sufficiently dried and therefore are far less prone to dry rot than new hardwood timbers. Also, the mats have all new bolts which keep the timbers tight for maximized weight load distribution. Lastly, the rebuilds are more affordable than new timber mats yet come wit]h a far better quality and lifespan than used.

Half Mats

*Other sizes available

Half mats are most commonly used in the wind energy industry for the laying of components. These mats have a longer lifespan because of their low impact use. Therefore, our inventory is made up of mixed hardwoods and railroad ties. They’re on the ground and ready to get rolling to your project.


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