Swamp / Truck Mats

Traditionally, access mats are 2”x 8” boards of mixed hardwoods bolted together in a 3 ply fashion. The standard sizes are 8’x14’ or 8’x16’, but custom sizes are available. This class of mats are commonly used as their name suggests, as temporary access roads to remote job sites.

Traditional CLT

8′ x 14′ or 8′ x 16′

No rookie in the game. This CLT has proven itself over the past few years and on many levels, as a more environmentally friendly and cost effective solution to bolted 3-ply mats. Our 8’x14’ comes with 34 per truck and our 8’x16’ at 32. Read more about CLT engineering here.

The Mavrik CLT

8′ x 14′

Mavrik CLT – A 3-ply CLT tailor made to the needs of the power and renewable energy industries. What we noticed on these projects was that the standard 4.25” 3-ply CLTs was far more mat than necessary to support the equipment being used on these projects. Secondly, the 3-ply CLT mats were primarily being destroyed by the environment, rendering them useless for supporting equipment, causing a time consuming cleanup, and a need for replacement mats every other job.

The solution? We designed the Mavrik CLT to fill the void. Coming in just a smidge thinner, the Mavrik CLT is 3.25” rather than 4.25”. This provides an immediate cost savings in raw material and an additional 30% cost reduction in freight costs. Further, to address the money drain that wood mats are on muddy jobsites, the Mavrik CLT comes with an optional Cu-Nap preservation coating to effectively seal 1.5” in all directions of the mat, shielding it from natural decomposition. Read more about our available wood treatments here.

Bolted Swamp and Access Mats

8’x14’ or 8’x16’

Our bolted and nailed mats are made from mixed hardwoods as opposed to Southern Yellow Pine. Mavrik has a ready supply of both used and new bolted 3-ply mats.


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