What Is a Crane Mat?

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Crane operation is an equipment-heavy task. From the crane to the right chains and everything in between, your equipment matters. At Mavrik Solutions, we specialize in providing our clients with the construction supplies they need to get the job done. Crane mats are a widely used piece of equipment when it comes to heavy machinery, but what are they? We are here to answer that question and help you to understand more about this useful and simple piece of equipment.

A Quick Summary

At their base, crane mats are mats made with strips of timber of the same width. These long strips of timber make up a “mat” that will go underneath a crane or other heavy equipment to help with control and stability of the heavy machinery. If you are looking for crane and construction supplies, reach out to Mavrik Solutions today.

A Safe Place for Crane Operation

Crane mats allow for controlled and stable operation, even on the most challenging terrain. By providing a flat and consistent area for the crane to operate, the risk of sinking into the soil or tipping the crane is drastically reduced.

Evenly Distribute Weight

Instead of having all of the weight of your heavy machinery distributed into two treads, a crane mat will evenly distribute that weight to keep it from sinking. This piece of construction supplies helps you to operate your equipment safely while protecting your work site. For more information about our products, reach out to Mavrik Solutions today.

Unique to Your Project

Crane mats are all different sizes, shapes, and thickness. Whatever your project might be, or whatever crane model you may be using, you can order a crane mat that fits your needs from Mavrik Solutions. For more information about our crane mats, reach out to us today!

Cranes are incredibly heavy pieces of machinery that require a lot of attention to detail and safety measures. A crane mat can provide you and your crew with the stability and consistency that you need to get the job done. To find the perfect crane mat for your project, reach out to Mavrik Solutions today!