How Long Do Crane Mats Last?

The original crane mats of old were made from the densest hardwood available, oak.

To this day they are the superior mat of choice because they last 3-4 years. However, oak is not and has not been a bottomless bucket. The species takes 40 years to grow to full height and therefore has not been able to replenish at a rate equal to the demand. As a result, oak forests have been greatly diminished over the past several decades leaving the construction industry looking for alternatives. Hence why the vast majority of crane mats available on the market today are mixed hardwoods. Mixed hardwood crane mats last 1-2 years depending mostly upon the environment. The reason for their shorter lifespan is not because they are weaker per se, but because they are not as dense. The less-dense hardwoods are far more biodegradable and therefore decompose faster. The result is a high recurring cost on projects: replacement crane mats.

The Sole Benefit of Mixed Hardwood Crane Mats?

Mixed hardwood crane mats carry the benefit of being a cheaper alternative to solid oak mats. However, for contractors looking for more permanent mats, Mavrik has the solution.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has been dedicated to developing this solution for our customers dealing with constant crane mat replacement costs. Together, we’ve developed a line of engineered Crane Mats designed to be more permanent structures, saving money and preserving the environment. Combining the superiority of CLT technology in combination with wood treatment options, Mavrik is already paving the way for more permanent matting solutions. As a family-owned and operated business committed to our industry, we desire to bring value to our customers above and beyond their expectations.

At Mavrik, we sell timber mats for all your construction projects. These mats serve many benefits not only for your project but the environment as well. Get a quote for your next project today!