Protective Coatings Spray Equipment

While protective coatings can be applied through brush, roller, or squeegee, the most cost-efficient way is through protective coatings and foam sprayers. This method allows the protective coats to penetrate into the surface more evenly, thus resulting in a uniform and more even appearance. However, there are many types of protective coatings sprayers out there, and selecting the right option for your project can be quite challenging, especially if you haven’t used one before.

The right spray coating equipment for your need usually depends on the type of protective coating you want to use, the amount needed, the surface/material you are coating, comfort, and the resulting finish. Having said that, there is a list of the major types of protective coatings spray equipment and how they compare to each other.

Air Sprayers

Air coating sprayers use compressed air to atomize the coating. The equipment often consists of an air gun with a nozzle or spray tip, a basin or cup, and an air compressor. Triggering the air gun will cause the coating to mix with the compressed air stream, which is then released through its nozzle to the surface being coated.

The size and shape of the sprayers’ nozzle dictate the spray pattern, consistency, and thickness of the coating you can spray with it. So, you can decide to buy a different spray nozzle for the sprayer so you can spray different types of coats on different types of surfaces.

HVLP Sprayers

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayers are just like the traditional air paint sprayer, but they use a high volume of air at very low pressure to release the coatings to the surface being coated. This results in little overspray when compared to a regular air sprayer due to the lower pressure causing more of the coating to reach the surface instead of extending to the surfaces.

There is less air pollution and material consumption. With this type of sprayer, the pressure from the air compressor is typically reduced by utilizing a regulator so that the coating can atomize correctly. These sprayers often use a high volume of air, between 8-20 CFM.

Airless Sprayer

Airless sprayers are often the most common type of industrial and commercial spray paint equipment pumps out there. As the name suggests, you don’t need an air compressor to make the device work. Instead, the airless sprayer utilizes a high-pressure pump that is capable of generating 500-7500 PSI of pressure combined with an electric engine for coating.

Most airless paint sprayers are equipped with electric-powered pumps. But some air sprayers are also powered with hydraulic systems or compressed air. Also, some airless paint sprayers can also be diesel-powered or gasoline.

Choosing the Right Protective Coatings Spray Equipment

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Protective Coatings Spray Equipment