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Packaging is a vital part of your business. It not only protects your products, but it is the first point of interaction between your products and the customer. World-class packaging is essential to protect your products, your brand, and your relationship with your customers. To achieve quality packaging, it takes more than just good design and the right materials.

It is essential that you have the right packaging equipment, and that it performs at its best. That’s why you need a top-line service provider to keep your pallet stretch wrappers and other equipment running at peak performance. Among the alternatives in Michigan, none will beat The Packline Co. You should know the extraordinary services we have available for you.

Learn about The Packline Co.’s Top-Notch Services.

Packaging Integrity Service

We have the best test engineers to validate the designs and integrity of your packaging, so you can use it worry less. Through different tests, we reproduce the different conditions to which your products are regularly subjected. This will allow us to verify their resistance and ensure that the different packages we select for your pallet stretch packaging and other packaging lines work properly.

Automation Design

We want you to have a packaging line that is easy to use, intuitive and efficient. Besides, we want your staff to be able to integrate into the operation of your automatic stretch wrap machines or any other type of packaging machine with ease. That’s why we help you design the ideal production lines for your company, regardless of size, production volume, or industry.

Custom Branded Packaging

Today’s customers give high relevance to the packaging of products, and this significantly influences purchasing decisions. This has been accentuated with the boom of digital commerce, and we understand that your product must stand out online or on the shelf. That’s why we support you in bringing your brand to life through packaging that captivates your customers while maintaining product integrity.

Service, Repair & Installation

We accompany you through the entire installation process of your equipment. Whether you are implementing fully automatic pallet wrappers, a pallet wrapping machine, or any other solution, we will get you covered. Also, we know that although we distribute highly durable equipment, at some point it may require service or repairs. That’s why we have the best team of technicians to get your machinery back to top performance in no time.

Predictive Maintenance

We are committed to proactivity in the operation of our packaging lines. That is why we provide you with the best predictive maintenance team. They will be able to project and let you know the probability of future failures. This way you can avoid sudden line failures, and you won’t lose time, money, or customers.

Vendor Managed Inventory

We have the best VMI services, so you always have the inventory you need. We help you streamline your purchasing and packaging processes, allowing you to have the inventory you need, where you need it. You’ll be able to maintain perfect control of your inventory and associated costs.

Trust the Experts

The Packline Co. is Michigan’s go-to company for all your packaging needs and associated services. We are ready to provide you with everything from stretch machine wrap film to the best solutions and services for your needs. Let our 70+ years in the industry drive your company forward. Contact us and shop our automation and equipment products, packaging materials, or contract our services.

Pallet Stretch Wrappers Michigan

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