There is a lot of discussion regarding the new way of navigating life with the COVID-19 pandemic. We hear a lot about the effectiveness of masks and how they have different performance. The CDC recommends wearing face masks when it is challenging to maintain a social distance. What do we really know between face mask for healthcare workers and the standard ones? Do you know the difference between a non approved N95 masks and the Makrite Surgical Masks?

What you should understand before buying face masks

Performance and use

Makrite surgical masks are for protection during surgical procedures. They have excellent performance against resisting fluids and can resist entry of high-pressure liquid like blood from an exposed blood artery.

The recent developments of COVID 19 place assign a different purpose for the masks. A non-medical person can use them to block large droplets, sprays, splashes, or splatter. These masks offer protection against saliva and other respiratory elements, to prevent infection by bacteria and germs. Surgical masks that do not have certification from NIOSH do not pass as the best surgical facemasks.

One should note that there are standard N95 face masks and surgical N95 masks. The surgical variation is what we witness on medical professionals, while the standard one is more common in the non-medical community. The surgical mask has a different thickness and an unusual rectangular shape. The regular cover may differ in feel, width, and form; hence will have a less stellar performance.

How should you choose a surgical mask?

Make sure you choose one with a 3-ply layer. The outer layer will be a hydrophobic non-woven layer, the middle will be a melt-down layer, while the soft inner fabric will have an absorbent quality. The three layers have particular functions because the outermost one will repel water and blood, while the middle one is the core of the surgical mask. It is a filter against entry and exit of germs, while the inner one absorbs fluids from the wearer to prevent contamination to the outside world.

How do face masks differ from standard ones?

As mentioned earlier, the surgical one is common with healthcare providers. The N95 surgical mask from NIOSH is the enhanced variation that allows at least two wears while maintaining its performance against viral infections. Most surgical face masks do not support repetitive wear.

Can you tell the difference between an authentic and fake surgical mask?

The 3-ply design is a distinct feature for all surgical masks. It is, however, possible for manufacturers to use imitative materials for non-medical covers. The only way to tell the originality of the facemask is by tearing down the middle part to inspect the mask for the inner meltdown layer. A less invasive approach is by verifying the credibility of the seller.

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